Game Killer APK Download for Android & PC

Are you a gamer? Once you start playing a game, you are like totally into it till the end of the game. And always want to achieve everything in a game, by any means i.e. by hook or crook. right? But hacking games every time seems to be very tiring as you lose the momentum of the game, also, it’s irritating to deal with this during gameplay.  And the Fix to this is Game killer for your Android device.

Game Killer APK

What is Game Killer? 

Game Killer is basically a tool that offers the opportunity to the users to manipulate the stats of the android games just in a single click. Yes! you heard it right. Generally, you have to purchase the resources in order to unlock the next stages or have to wait for endless hours to get a handful of coins, or health. But, in this case, the situation is entirely different, you can achieve unlimited coins, money, health, ammunition and many other features of the android games.  Now you don’t have to worry about the limited sources of the games since everything falls into your favor.


  1. Unlimited coins and points.
  2. Unlock premium features easily.
  3. lets you hack offline games too
  4. user-friendly, which makes it’s easy to use for beginners.
  5. Manually input the number of coins and points needed.
  6. Finish the full game within seconds with Game Killer Cheats.
  7. Compatible with more than 1000 games.
  8. the app works on all Android versions, even iOS devices
  9. updated regularly to support most of the Andriod devices
  10. Easy to install and uninstall.

Download Game Killer APK

Download APK

It’s a different kind of APK file so before downloading and installing, you have to root your Android device. Please make sure your Android device is already rooted. If you install it on non-rooted devices, the app may install but won’t perform any hacks as all apps will be protected by Google Play Games. Once you root the mobile, Game Killer App will have access to root storage of the mobile. The App will then disable the security and manipulate the numbers using memory modifying technique. All games hacked with Game Killer APK will now have unlocked premium features for free.

  • Download APK file to your downloads folder.
  • Go to Menu>Settings>Security.
  • Tick the Allow app installations from “unknown sources” box.
  • Return back to downloads folder and tap on APK.
  • Click ‘yes’ for permissions and hit install.

NOTE: If you have the latest Android OS like Nougat or Oreo, it will be very difficult to root your mobile in the first place because of security. You can install v4.10 on latest Android software.

How To Use?

  • After downloading it, install it on your device.
  • Open the Gamekiller app, and a window will pop up.
  • Now, minimize the app and now you will see a small icon on the top of your screen.
  • Go to any game you want to change the resources.
  • After opening the game, click on the Gamekiller icon and enter the value you want to change. If you want to add 100 coins, then type 100 and press the search button.
  • Simply tap on the search and get your desired results.
  • Enjoy.


Surely, one of the best apps for changing the resources of the games. Definitely, it’s a pure treat as you can enjoy endless hours, unlimited coins, money, and health. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the game without bothering about irritating ads, no more ads anymore. It’s a great hacking tool that uses memory modification. Game Killer is a must-have app for every gamer.

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